Today’s Cubs Win

Here a few random thoughts form today’s Cubs win that was broadcast on WGN.


* Does anybody really watch the America’s Funniest Home Video shows anymore?  WGN runs enough commercials for them that you would think that it is the number 1 show on TV. 

*  Nice outing by Lieber.  Didn’t hurt that Jose Bautista tried to be a hero with the botched squeeze attempt.  Gotta think that was his own decision. 

* I give it about 2 weeks before Murton is up and Pie is in Iowa.  I think Lou likes Reed Johnson in the lineup and Pie isn’t helping his case any. 

* Somebody get Doug Mientkiewiecz a new black shirt for under his vest.  The one he used today must have shrunk in the dryer.  He’s not that big.  Think he was signed solely to be moved at the trade deadline?  Me too.

* Soto will appreciate the day off.

* Good to be over .500.  Hopefully we don’t even think about being there again.


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