Good Grief

Well I guess it had to come at some point.  Ryan Dempster was owed a great outing screwed by a bullpen performance.  Woody gave up the bomb to Bay and boy what a night it kicked off.  The game is still going as I type here after Adam Freakin LaRoche homered to tie the game after ARam actually stepped up and gave us a lead.  At least Hart didn’t swallow his *** and give up the game right after the tying bomb.


Anybody else ready to jump on my “Cubs need a short stop” campaign?  Isn’t Neifi Perez eligible to come off of drug suspension soon?  Nevermind, two reasons he won’t be invited back to Wrigleyville.  1. He Sucks out loud (still love you for ’98 in Colorado Neifi, can’t thank you enough” and 2. He’s bound for Cincy.  Dusty loves ya Neifi and the Keppinger kid is hitting like crazy but he needs your calming veteran influence to guide him.  At least in Dusty’s likely opinion.  Seriously though, we need a short stop that can hit.  Theriot was a cute story for a few months last year but Doug Dascenzo was also a nice story in the early 90’s.

Back to tonights ongoing game, how many times must I watch us squander scoring chance after scoring chance only to get caught late in a game by a ****** team? 

Off of baseball for a second…..Am I the different one here.  Does anybody really care that some people are protesting the olympics?  The way I look at it is this, don’t have the games and what happens?  John Tesh goes without work calling gymnastics play by play?  The US softball team can’t roll up a bunch of shutouts? Little foreign girls can’t flip around on bars? NBC can’t tell us how surprised they are that the ratings are bad?  A bunch of international drug testers will go out of business?  What I’m getting at is who freakin cares?  Let them protest, cancel the games.  That will just leave SportsCenter with more baseball highlight time come late summer.  It’s bad enough I lose some for the freakin XGames, I don’t need Olympics too.

Back to baseball now. Hey, Theriot got a hit.  Look at that.  My motivation is working.  Let’s try this.  Hey Felix Pie, I have some rental property in Iowa, you interested?  You should be.

SO sorry to see the Brewers losing tonight.  Did Sheets get hurt? 

Holy crap, it worked.  Go Felix.  He gets a hit and drives in two.  We are now up 6-4.  Hart hit for himself so I would assume he will come back out to try to close it himself. 

Just saw a clip on ESPN about my new favorite Astro, Brandon Backe, getting in to it with Albert Pujols.  I guess Backe will be celebrating when that elbow finally snaps too.

Let’s see, who is due up? Pitchers spot, Gomez and Rivas.  Yes Luis Rivas, the one from Witness Protection.  That should be able to be handled.  Should be.  Let’s go.

Newly called up Sean Marshall (there you go Felix, you can rent out Marshall’s place in Iowa) is in for the save opportunity.  Pinch hitter Ronny Paulino pops up for the first out. Can’t believe they all didn;t try to draw walks off of Marshall. Gomez doubles setting up Rivas to be the freaking hero.  Dont want to see McClouth with 2 on, let’s get Rivas. Oh Look, control issues, throw a damn strike Marshall.  Where’s Lieber, he throws strikes! Hey, Rivas flies out, that’s 2.  Gotta get McClouth.  More control problems, who’s been coaching Marshall, Ted Lilly?  Go get him, don’t give Sanchez a chance to win this. HEY, McClouth grounds out to 2nd, ballgame.  That’s 5 up and 3 down so far.  I gotta go through 154 more of these before the playoffs?  Good grief.






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