O What A Night

Soto, Fontenot, and even Theriot.  Good thing they were hot because D Lee, Aramis, and Kosuke were not.  RIch Hill really wasn’t.  He single handedly made the Jon Lieber move to the pen look like a great idea tonight.  Jon really bailed us out.  He is a solid veteran that is willing to take on whatever role the team needs to win.  That may end up being Hendry’s best move in years.

If Soto can hit like that all year…..WOW.  I don’t recall really ever having a catcher that was a hitting threat.  I’ve watched the likes of Jody Davis, Girardi, Berryhill, Wrona, Damian Miller, Bako, Villanueva, Todd Fn Hundley, Koyie Hill, good grief.  We deserve a good hitting catcher.

Arond the league…..Hope Jimmy Rollins needs another weekend to rest up before he’s healthy.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to miss him in the series in Philly….Which Cardinal nobody pitching will be the hero tonight?  I’m so tired of that crap.  Wellemeyer, Looper, C’Mon, somebody bomb them please…….Wonder if the Braves made it known that Renteria was availalbe this off season or if the Tigers came calling?  If they were willing to give him away for a pizza, like they did, why didn’t the Cubs get him.  Perfect NL #2 hitter…….How bad are the freaking Giants?  Figures the Cards would get them on their schedule right now…..Think ARod is going to feel guilty picking up his check this week?  I can’t believe that he is making more than the Marlins all together. 

Hopefully the hot streak for the Cubbies will roll to the other side of Pennsylvania.  I’m really hoping to see an improved Ted Lilly this weekend.  We shall see.


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