I am not enjoying this current streak of untimely ground outs and bad pitches, much less the errors.  The last few games, even Saturday’s win, have been frustrating to watch.  I kept waiting for the bomb to drop on Saturday after the 6-0 lead.  Maybe today is the day that Big Z can stop the bleeding and get us back on track.  We need Aramis back in the lineup badly.  D Lee and Kosuke are in cold snaps and it hurts. 

A few other thoughts….Theriot is hitting again, nice to see……Pie seems to have the right attitude about this whole part time learning curve.  He’s having a few good patient at bats and is hitting better.  Lou did well with some of the Tampa kids and I hope he will turn Pie into a solid hitter that he has been in the minors.

Around the league….Waiting for Wellemeyer’s carriage to turn into a pumpkin.   Anytime now will be fine…….What’s the contract staus of Raul Ibanez?  Anybody know?  With the emergence of Wladimir Balentien, maybe he solves our lefty outfield equation. ….Ervin Santana? Who knew……. 




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