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I am not enjoying this current streak of untimely ground outs and bad pitches, much less the errors.  The last few games, even Saturday’s win, have been frustrating to watch.  I kept waiting for the bomb to drop on Saturday after the 6-0 lead.  Maybe today is the day that Big Z can stop the bleeding and get us back on track.  We need Aramis back in the lineup badly.  D Lee and Kosuke are in cold snaps and it hurts. 

A few other thoughts….Theriot is hitting again, nice to see……Pie seems to have the right attitude about this whole part time learning curve.  He’s having a few good patient at bats and is hitting better.  Lou did well with some of the Tampa kids and I hope he will turn Pie into a solid hitter that he has been in the minors.

Around the league….Waiting for Wellemeyer’s carriage to turn into a pumpkin.   Anytime now will be fine…….What’s the contract staus of Raul Ibanez?  Anybody know?  With the emergence of Wladimir Balentien, maybe he solves our lefty outfield equation. ….Ervin Santana? Who knew……. 




Thanks Dusty

Didn’t think I would ever say that after 03.  Why am I saying it tonight?  Because Josh Fogg started tonight for the Reds, that’s why.  Josh Fogg is a perfect example of Dusty Baker and his love for proven mediocrity.  Why not have Homer Bailey making those starts?  Why?  I’ll tell you why, in Dusty’s opinion.  Because Josh Fogg gives you a better chance to win now.  Really Dusty?  Does he?  So what if Bailey gets shelled a few times and goes 8-13 over the season.  He would get 20+ starts under his belt, learn a little bit on a team that really isn’t a threat to win this year, and likely get a little bit of confidence here and there striking out some big hitters.  But no, Baker trots Fogg out there hoping he could go 8-13 at best.  C’Mon Dusty, do youu really think Fogg is going to get it at his age and magically turn into a good pitcher?  I can’t thank you enough for not only tonight’s gift but thank you for getting the hell out of Chicago.  Wish you would have left sooner.  By the way, glad you have your boy Kent Mercker with you too.  Heard his interview blowing smoke about your quality as a manager on XM the other day.  One of Dusty’s boys.  I guess I would love having you too if I got to be crappy and keep my job and know you wouldn’t do anything but chew a damn toothpick. 


And another thing while I’m on my Baker rant……play freakin’ Norris Hopper you idiot.  The kid is good.  The cubs couldn;t get him out the whole 2nd half last year.  This just in Dusty, Corey Patterson is a bust.  He’s Tom Goodwin at best.  Wait a minute….you loved him too.  You did the same crap to Patterson when he was a prospect and benched him behind Damon Freakin Buford.  Good God, how many teams do you have to screw and still get jobs?


Speaking of that, let’s switch to basketball for a minute.  Michael Jordan has become quite good at screwing teams from a management position.  It seems to come naturally to him. Bob Johnson and Mr. Jordan have become the perfect alliance of arrogance and already have Charlotte talking about booting the Bobcats after 4 crappy years.  Now I have their other partner, Nelly, telling me that my kids would be mad at me if the Bobcats left Charlotte.  OK, Nelly, whatever you say. 


Back to the important game in town, baseball.  Pleased with the effort tonight with the bats.  Big Z kept throwing strikes with the lead.  Did you see that Mr. Lilly?  Great idea, huh?  I think DeRosa gets more valuable to us daily and he will get the most time in left while Soriano is out…..Glad we got to smack Mercker around a little bit.  I hope their announcers didn’t say anything to hurt his feelings tonight on their broadcast.  He’s a crybaby….Back to Dusty again, sorry, can’t help it.  What about this Hatteberg/Votto crap.  Play the Votto kid you fool.  Hatteberg has consistently been average forever.  Give the Votto kid a chance.  He’s crushed the ball against us, play him Dusty.  God, I am so glad you are not in Chicago anymore.

As I wirte, we’re up 9 after 7.  If we blow this, you don’t wanna read what I would write.  Besides, the site would edit it off the page anyway. 

O What A Night

Soto, Fontenot, and even Theriot.  Good thing they were hot because D Lee, Aramis, and Kosuke were not.  RIch Hill really wasn’t.  He single handedly made the Jon Lieber move to the pen look like a great idea tonight.  Jon really bailed us out.  He is a solid veteran that is willing to take on whatever role the team needs to win.  That may end up being Hendry’s best move in years.

If Soto can hit like that all year…..WOW.  I don’t recall really ever having a catcher that was a hitting threat.  I’ve watched the likes of Jody Davis, Girardi, Berryhill, Wrona, Damian Miller, Bako, Villanueva, Todd Fn Hundley, Koyie Hill, good grief.  We deserve a good hitting catcher.

Arond the league…..Hope Jimmy Rollins needs another weekend to rest up before he’s healthy.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to miss him in the series in Philly….Which Cardinal nobody pitching will be the hero tonight?  I’m so tired of that crap.  Wellemeyer, Looper, C’Mon, somebody bomb them please…….Wonder if the Braves made it known that Renteria was availalbe this off season or if the Tigers came calling?  If they were willing to give him away for a pizza, like they did, why didn’t the Cubs get him.  Perfect NL #2 hitter…….How bad are the freaking Giants?  Figures the Cards would get them on their schedule right now…..Think ARod is going to feel guilty picking up his check this week?  I can’t believe that he is making more than the Marlins all together. 

Hopefully the hot streak for the Cubbies will roll to the other side of Pennsylvania.  I’m really hoping to see an improved Ted Lilly this weekend.  We shall see.

Good Grief

Well I guess it had to come at some point.  Ryan Dempster was owed a great outing screwed by a bullpen performance.  Woody gave up the bomb to Bay and boy what a night it kicked off.  The game is still going as I type here after Adam Freakin LaRoche homered to tie the game after ARam actually stepped up and gave us a lead.  At least Hart didn’t swallow his *** and give up the game right after the tying bomb.


Anybody else ready to jump on my “Cubs need a short stop” campaign?  Isn’t Neifi Perez eligible to come off of drug suspension soon?  Nevermind, two reasons he won’t be invited back to Wrigleyville.  1. He Sucks out loud (still love you for ’98 in Colorado Neifi, can’t thank you enough” and 2. He’s bound for Cincy.  Dusty loves ya Neifi and the Keppinger kid is hitting like crazy but he needs your calming veteran influence to guide him.  At least in Dusty’s likely opinion.  Seriously though, we need a short stop that can hit.  Theriot was a cute story for a few months last year but Doug Dascenzo was also a nice story in the early 90’s.

Back to tonights ongoing game, how many times must I watch us squander scoring chance after scoring chance only to get caught late in a game by a ****** team? 

Off of baseball for a second…..Am I the different one here.  Does anybody really care that some people are protesting the olympics?  The way I look at it is this, don’t have the games and what happens?  John Tesh goes without work calling gymnastics play by play?  The US softball team can’t roll up a bunch of shutouts? Little foreign girls can’t flip around on bars? NBC can’t tell us how surprised they are that the ratings are bad?  A bunch of international drug testers will go out of business?  What I’m getting at is who freakin cares?  Let them protest, cancel the games.  That will just leave SportsCenter with more baseball highlight time come late summer.  It’s bad enough I lose some for the freakin XGames, I don’t need Olympics too.

Back to baseball now. Hey, Theriot got a hit.  Look at that.  My motivation is working.  Let’s try this.  Hey Felix Pie, I have some rental property in Iowa, you interested?  You should be.

SO sorry to see the Brewers losing tonight.  Did Sheets get hurt? 

Holy crap, it worked.  Go Felix.  He gets a hit and drives in two.  We are now up 6-4.  Hart hit for himself so I would assume he will come back out to try to close it himself. 

Just saw a clip on ESPN about my new favorite Astro, Brandon Backe, getting in to it with Albert Pujols.  I guess Backe will be celebrating when that elbow finally snaps too.

Let’s see, who is due up? Pitchers spot, Gomez and Rivas.  Yes Luis Rivas, the one from Witness Protection.  That should be able to be handled.  Should be.  Let’s go.

Newly called up Sean Marshall (there you go Felix, you can rent out Marshall’s place in Iowa) is in for the save opportunity.  Pinch hitter Ronny Paulino pops up for the first out. Can’t believe they all didn;t try to draw walks off of Marshall. Gomez doubles setting up Rivas to be the freaking hero.  Dont want to see McClouth with 2 on, let’s get Rivas. Oh Look, control issues, throw a damn strike Marshall.  Where’s Lieber, he throws strikes! Hey, Rivas flies out, that’s 2.  Gotta get McClouth.  More control problems, who’s been coaching Marshall, Ted Lilly?  Go get him, don’t give Sanchez a chance to win this. HEY, McClouth grounds out to 2nd, ballgame.  That’s 5 up and 3 down so far.  I gotta go through 154 more of these before the playoffs?  Good grief.





Today’s Cubs Win

Here a few random thoughts form today’s Cubs win that was broadcast on WGN.


* Does anybody really watch the America’s Funniest Home Video shows anymore?  WGN runs enough commercials for them that you would think that it is the number 1 show on TV. 

*  Nice outing by Lieber.  Didn’t hurt that Jose Bautista tried to be a hero with the botched squeeze attempt.  Gotta think that was his own decision. 

* I give it about 2 weeks before Murton is up and Pie is in Iowa.  I think Lou likes Reed Johnson in the lineup and Pie isn’t helping his case any. 

* Somebody get Doug Mientkiewiecz a new black shirt for under his vest.  The one he used today must have shrunk in the dryer.  He’s not that big.  Think he was signed solely to be moved at the trade deadline?  Me too.

* Soto will appreciate the day off.

* Good to be over .500.  Hopefully we don’t even think about being there again.

Through One Week

We are through the first week and I have assembled my first set of random thoughts about the Cubs and MLB in general.

*  I’m ready for Ben Sheets to hurt something already.  It’s bound to happen and it needs to go ahead and happen.  When he goes down, it takes the wind out of the sails of the Brewers.  They don’t need an opportunity to build more confidence and stick around.  Wishing injury might seem cruel but I had to sit through the Mark Prior era in Chicago.

*  Will somebody please go tell Todd Wellemeyer that he is Todd Wellemeyer.  Enough already about the Cardinals rotation.  Give it a couple of times through and people will be pounding these guys, especially Wellemeyer.

* How bout those Tigers.  There’s a surprise.  Didn’t see that coming at all.  They will get it together.

* Somebody get Ankiel a cup and a testing room.  Time to go #1 there Rick.

* All this Brian Roberts Spring talk for the Cubs and I still think shortstop should have been the area of focus.  I’m watching Ronny Cedeno play there today.  That’s not a good sign.

* If you were pitching to the Cubs, would you throw Soriano a strike?  Me neither.  You don’t have to.

*  If the Red Sox struggle for a while, what’s the bet the Japan games get eliminated?  We will hear that excuse for months.

* Had Luis Rivas been in the Witness Protection plan or something? I haven’t seen him in years.  He disappeared from Minnesota and all the sudden is in Pittsburgh.  Who else is back, Mickey Morandini?